Did you get a copy of the User's Manual with your Mini 2, Mini SE, Mavic Mini, etc…?

When I bought my Mini 2 from Costco it came with the Drone, Controller, Carrying/Storage Case, 2 Batteries, and a 32 MB MicroSD Card. One thing it did not come with was a User’s Manual.

It did come with a 3" x 4" (4-page) Quick Start Guide with only the most basic illustrations. The only written English was, “Check battery level, press once” and “Power on/off: press, then press and hold”

It also came with a 3" x 4" (75-page) Booklet “Disclaimer and Safety Guidelines” of which only 5-pages were in English. The rest of the booklet was written in 12 more languages, with warnings like: “Do not fly aircraft higher than 4,000 meters…”

I wanted more and I found these… So if you never received a copy of the User’s Manual or you lost your copy, you can download these Adobe Acrobat PDFs here… Besides the Drone’s User Manual, there are other PDFs on the Fly More Kit, Batteries, etc… Check it out… They also contain many non-English versions.

I suggest you save them to your Hard Drive and if you want to print them, perform a print test on just a couple of pages. For example, Print pages 7-8, double sided. When I printed the first time, the pages printed a 5"x7" version on a full sheet of paper and you may need to manipulate the settings to fill a page of paper…

If you Drone is not listed below, I suggest you Google “DJI (your-drone) User’s Manual”

DJI Mini 2 User’s Manual and more…

DJI Mini SE User’s Manual and more…

Mavic Mini User’s Manual (Not much more since it is now discontinued…)

Good Luck and may the Flying Force be with you…

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I have all of the latest Mavic manuals linked here.

My SE came with a few little bits of folded paper. Useless. I downloaded the manual and watched a bunch of videos while waiting for it to arrive. If I’d just relied on what came with the drone I’d have had no idea. It was also useful to set up a DJI account before the drone arrived.

DJI has never shipped a manual with their drones. They are often updated after drones are released (and for some time after that), so I guess it makes sense to get the latest version from their website.

Yeah, that makes sense.