Did DJI tell you to remove the drone's propellers before sending it back for service?

I had my Mini 2 replaced using the DJI Care Refresh Express. When I turned on my New Drone, the Controller, and my Tablet (running the DJI Fly App), I received an “ESC Error” on the main screen and I clicked on it and I received the error message, “ESC connection error. Repairs required. Contact DJI Support for assistance (Code: 30085)”.

I attributed this to not having the new Mini 2 linked to the Controller. After turning off the Aircraft, the Controller, and my Tablet with the DJI Fly App and restarting all three, the Error Message did not reappear.

I re-linked the New Mini 2 to the Controller and I have had seven successful flights without mishap.

However, this error is now popping up intermittently more often than not and I have not flown the drone as I am afraid the error might appear while I’m flying and the error might cause the drone to crash or fly away.

I contacted DJI Care and they have responded with instructions to send the Controller and Drone back. Since I sent the initial request to DJI on a Friday Night and they responded Saturday morning (it is now Saturday evening…), they advised me that the shipping label will be sent out Monday or Tuesday.

However, the technician was quite specific about what to include when I send the items back:

 1.  Do not send the Batteries (this I understand…)

 2.  Do not send the sticks with the Controller (this I also understand…)

 3.  Do not send the propellers; remove them (this I am confused about, 
 I had the technician repeat this several times, "No Propellers…" 
 and he said "No Propellers, We have propellers if we need to test it…)

Has anyone else sent their Drone back for maintenance (even under warranty…) and been told to remove the propellers from their drone?

When I sent the drone back for the DJI Care Refresh Express, DJI was very specific that I must include the Propellers, as well as the Gimbal and Drone…

Thanking all who take the time to read and/or respond…

Happy Droning, I’ll be thinking of you…

I just want to let everyone know that I have received numerous replies to this inquiry on another web site that I frequent and the replies said that the “No Props…” is normal. DJI only wants the parts that need service returned. Props are fragile and could be damaged during shipping and batteries not needing service or controller sticks could also get damaged or lost, so do not send them…

Quick follow-up. DJI has already responded with several emails, apologizing for the inconvenience of having a “downed drone” and they have already sent me the UPS Return Shipping label. I’ll send it off tomorrow morning. (I contacted them Friday evening and they had already responded by Sunday morning…).

Here is the reason I was concerned… Several years ago, my Dodge Ram Truck was due for a state inspection and I always check everything out, lights, wipers, tires, etc… anything simple that I can easily fix or correct. When I checked the lights, I forgot that there was a brake light on the backside roof of the cab (you know, like the third brake light in the back window of your car…).

I brought the truck in for its inspection and waited. The service writer came out and said the back brake light was blown and asked if I wanted them to replace it; or they could fail it and I could replace it, come back, and have it re-inspected for an additional $10.00 fee.

I told them to replace it. After getting the bill, $16 for the inspection, $12.95 for the bulb (standard 2-filament bulb – $1.95 for two bulbs at Napa), and $7.50 labor; I should have had them fail it and replace it myself, it would have been cheaper…

So, from this experience, I was afraid that if I removed the props, and DJI wanted them, and then they replaced the props, I was afraid that this repair work, under warranty, would wind up costing me for a new set of props and the labor to install them…

So, I hope my posting helps someone and Happy Droning…

Follow-up to my follow-up. By Sunday evening, not only did I receive my return shipping label Sunday morning, I received a second return shipping label Sunday evening after I posted the last follow-up. I dropped the drone and controller package off at my local UPS store Monday morning.

Here it is Tuesday, and the package is due to arrive at the DJI Service center in Fort Worth tomorrow. But lo 'n behold, if I did not receive anther email from DJI saying they had not heard from me in the last two days and wanted to know if the issue had been resolved or if I need further assistance.

The email that accompanied the shipping label did not say anything about further communications. It did give me the case number to track the repair status of the drone and did invite me to contact them if I had any other questions.

But Wow, how many of you have ever had a business so concerned with your satisfaction that they seemingly bend over backwards to help and support you? The emails came in during non-traditional work hours, even on a Sunday, and then track the issue and follow-up. Once again, Wow!

Now, why am I bothering to even write this up? I always check out customer reviews before making any major purchase and I was on this web site for some time before deciding on a DJI drone or the Mini 2.

I have found that all too often, an unhappy, disgruntled, or even an angry customer is far more prone to write a bad review than a happy, satisfied customer takes the time to write a good review and I wanted to share this experience with you.

And of course, I will be following up with updates as they become available,

As they say, “Enquiring Minds Want to Know…”