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Date and time format derived from Windows system settings

Hi Mike,

Your software is a lovely piece of work, just enjoying the offline analysing and post documentation of my flight.

One minor thing noticed, the date and the time displayed in the flight logs seem to stay in the American way … ie Month.Day.Year and the time with AM/PM.

Would it be possible, to stick to the system settings of Windows here?
Reading the month before the day confuses me with my own data. :wink:


So 9.16.2019 should be 16.09.2019 and 4:53 16:53 … :laughing:

Besides that, as said, great software!

I thought it was set to display the Windows short date format. I’ll check it out and get back to you.

Great, thank you Mike!
I mean, it is somehow a mix now, but the short date format would still be DD.MM.YYYY and HH:MM. :wink:

It’s just a minor thing, maybe with a later update you can incorporate.

I just released a new version of Flight Reader with a fix for this issue. You can download the installer here.