Dashware file from PHelp


along with a couple of others on other forums I help to create the filed needed to get Dashware working with the newer quads
I’m busy working on the MIni 4 pro and have been able to create the needed files using a CSV file created using the Airdata.com website.

I didnt realise that the PHelp can create a CSV file and was delighed to find out, especially as there are a lot more columns of data to use.

BUT there is an issue.

The file isnt useable in DW unless i open it up in excel then use go to Data > Convert Text to Columns > Use comma for the separator; and save the file

Now this creates a file that i can open in DW and create data associations but the gauges stick on the first number in the column.

Everything is correct as far as DW is concerned so what could be wrong.

It looks like you’re referring to my free log viewer rather than Flight Reader, so I’m going to move this thread to General Discussion (as there isn’t a dedicated category for my free log viewer).

Can you share the same flight log in Airdata format and PH log viewer format (before and after you modify it) so I can see what you’re attempting to load into Dashware? Also, which version of Dashware are you using?

Hi Msinger

Im using Dashware 1.7.37 as this doesnt suffer the audio bug that the 1.9V does.

dropbox link to the files, ive named them as they are