customer service issue - items never shipped - anyone else have this problem before?

*I also posted this on the dji Reddit
I purchased a Ronin SC gimbal and a OM5 gimbal on 6/10/22 - received a “shipping notice” that the items would arrive by ~ 6/19/22. When I followed-up with the tracking # a few days later, I noticed that the status of the order showed as " Shipper created a label, UPS has not received the package yet. " This status never changed (and still hasn’t updated ) - I reached out to the online customer service chat representatives twice - the first time they said that they would escalate and to check back in 2 days…nothing ever changed/no updates were shared with me, so I checked back 2 days later…chat reps said, (the obvious) nothing was ever done or changed and that the items are probably sitting in a UPS warehouse (highly doubtful) - I said, “OK - then cancel that order and figure it out with UPS, it’s not my job to find where the package is, just re-send me the items in a fresh shipment” - the rep said they couldn’t do that …after a bout 20 mins of me asking them to prove the items were actually in-stock in the first place, they told me my best option was to get a credit for the order and then BUY THEM ON AMAZON. So - I guess this was the proof I needed…these items were never in-stock in the first place and dji has been sitting on my ~$500 with a fake shipping story.

Why wouldn’t they just (after I asked them 5 times) go in to their inventory and ship 2 identical replacement items to me instead of making me wait to find out that they don’t have items they are trying to sell on their website? BTW - you can go and add these items to your cart rn , they don’t show as out of stock…so this leads me to the inevitable question…has anyone else had this problem with them selling items they clearly don’t have?