Custom Name Batteries in Battery-All.csv

I use the Battery-All.csv file to check the status of all my batteries. It would be nice to be able to custom name the batteries based on the serial number. (DJI - Mini 4 Pro)

I have just put a number on each battery to tell the difference and keep track of recharges… Some folk do it with their kids…

A mother in China has had numbers shaved into her children’s heads so that people can tell them apart.

Tan Chaoyun from the Guangdong Province shaved numbers onto her 6-year-old identical quadruplets to help their teachers and classmates, as even the quartet’s parents sometimes struggle themselves.
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In the main Flight Reader window, you can right click any flight and choose “Change Battery Name…” to set a custom name for any battery. Flight Reader will then attach that name to any existing and new battery log as it finds batteries with the same battery serial number.

Before generating a battery report, make sure you have the “” field selected for the “Battery CSV Report” type. That column that will contain your custom name. If custom name has not been set for a battery, the column will be empty.

If that's not what you're suggesting, then please provide more details.
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Thank you, that is exactly what I was asking, I didn’t know you could already do it!