CSV missing lat, lon but KMZ has them

I recently uploaded a flight log for decoding, and the CSV file came out corrupted:


The downloaded KMZ file looked okay, but the CSV file had zeroes in many columns like lat, lon, height. I really wanted those.

The flight was at night, about 9pm local time. It was the second flight I had performed that day. The log for the first flight decoded just fine, both CSV and KML were intact and mutually consistent.

Did you try scrolling down further? The height was 0 until after taking off and the latitude and longitude were unavailable at the beginning because you took off before your drone was connected to sufficient satellites.

Thank you for the clarification. First time this has happened, the GPS lock starting late.

I suppose this is bad luck combined with user inattention. I’ll redo the flight with more scrutiny on the GPS lock.