Critically low power at 95%?! Can someone shed some light on this issue?

Last weekend while flying my phantom 4 pro v2.0 I unexpectedly received a critically low power warning more than once with more than sufficient charge and voltage being delivered from all battery cells. One of the warnings (and resulting auto landings) occurred when my battery was reading 95% and the temperature outside wasn’t under 50 degrees Fahrenheit while another occurred with 81% charge.

This is one of the flight logs showing what happened, critically low power warning occurs at 1 minute 1.8 seconds with 95% charge and each cell delivering more than 3.95V

This is another instance with a different battery (both are genuine DJI batteries). The critically low power warning and auto landing occurs at 1 minute 46 seconds here with 81% charge and more than 3.8V being delivered from each cell.

Can anyone shed some light on this issue? This drone is relatively new to me and I intend to be shooting video of boats over water shortly- I don’t want an auto land occurring unexpectedly when I am over water…

It looks like there is an issue with bothof these batteries. Battery#1 from the first posted flight almost appears like it was in a discharge or charge state and not ready for flight. Both of these shows a large current spike which apparently induced the autoland. Battery #2 looks normal until the large current spike that caused the autoland. It is possible that there is an intermittant short in the battery itself. I would not fly with either of these. You should supply this data to DJI for analysis.

Battery #1

Battery #2

@walls Just for the sake of taking a second look. See if you can locate the device .dat file for these two flights. The link below will give you instructions to do that. I am not 100% certain that V2 device dat is readable. I know the aircraft .dat is encrypted. The files should be. FLY041.dat and FLY049.dat.
If you retrieve these, upload them to a sharable site such as dropbox, google drive, etc…and share a link back here to the files and we can take a closer look.

Retrieve Device Dat

@Fly_Dawg thanks for your response and the info. I have submitted an email to DJI support with both of these flight logs and a description of the battery signal issues as well. I hear DJI is good at being responsive, hoping to get this figured out soon. the batteries I have have less than 30 charges on them, don’t feel like it’s their time to croak…

@Fly_Dawg I ended up sending the drone into dji, there was a problem with the power board. Knew it was the drone, was having issues with all of my batteries…