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Crazy gimbals camera Phanton Dji3 STD.

Hi, I’m new. I’ve got problems with the camera on my Phantom 3 std after an hard landing. I had to replace the first arm, the flat black cable and the roll arm and motor too (bought already joined).
Then the drone started going crazy, moving randomly all the camera parts.
IMU usless.
I’ve tried one time.
Now if I turn ON, the drone loses the connection after few seconds with the app on the phone. So no possible IMUs more or other calibrations…

I’ve tried to check on the net and found this:

It is a really similar condition, but in my case the camera is really crazy! I can feel the high warm from the motors…

The roll motor is perfectly alligned because is new and already joined… the flat part stays in the correct position…

How can I fix this trouble?

Thanks for the help.