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Crashed Mini 2 and need help with flight data

I’m a newer pilot (less than 3 months) and was flying my Mini 2 over a corn field. I stopped my flight, lost sight of my drone and began to return it to home manually flying the reverse path. I was watching the screen when suddenly it shook and was inverted. I walked to where I expected it to have crashed but it was no where to be found. While reading the map in the “Find my Drone” part of the app it was in a completely different location to where I thought it was.

I’ve been trying to re-fly the drone in my mind to find out what I did wrong but cannot figure it out.
Some mistakes I know I made are:
Not looking at distance or height when I lost sight of the drone
Not hitting return to home
Trying to manually fly the drone without visual line of sight once I “lost” it in the sky

Would someone please help me to analyze the data and tell me what I did wrong so that I can figure this out and learn from it?

Thank you in advance.