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Crashed Mavic Pro in dense bush/jungle - please help! Flight log linked

Hello, I crashed my DJI Mavic Pro this evening in a dense bush/jungle area after it hit a tree presumably. I wasn’t aware of the Find My Drone feature so I went looking for it by following the flight path on my iPhone but since it was getting very dark, I didn’t have any luck. I plan on going there again in the morning and after seeing some posts, already uploaded the flight record of the crashed flight. Could someone please help me understand what I should be doing and looking for when I am at the crashed site?

Flight log link:

I have the last recorded GPS coordinates and plan on following them but what if the drone is stuck on a tree or something? The trees in that area are very high! I tried flying the drone again after it crashed but received messages of “Gimbal Overload” and “drone rolled over”.

An additional problem that is somewhat unrelated to the search is that there is very likely going to be water issues with the drone in the morning due to the moist atmosphere and dew. Would you happen to know if Mavic has some level of waterproof protection? Would the rice bag trick work for the drone like it does for the cameras?

Thanks so much for your help and guidance!

BTW, above dropbox link has 2 .DAT files if someone would please help and let me know whether the drone is likely to have fallen to the ground or is likely to be up on a tree somewhere?

FLY022 is the last actual flight during which the drone crashed.

FLY023 is my attempt at getting the drone to get back up after it had crashed. I still had remote control, drone and iPhone connection going. It apparently made a record of that too. Unfortunately, it was getting too dark and it wasn’t possible to head into deep bush at that hour.

I’ve looked through the GPS coordinates on both of these files - they are roughly in the same location and the “Find My Drone” coordinates are also roughly the same. Having said that, it’s a thick bush with giant trees so will be a challenge for sure. Hoping someone with more experience and knowledge on this can kindly guide a noob recover his precious drone :slight_smile:

I have good news and bad news. The good news is that your MP is almost certainly here.

Lat/Long 18.9361999064069, 98.820210387733
The bad news is that it’s 32 meters above ground. Google Earth says the elevation is 1308 meters and the GPS info from the MP says it’s elevation is 1340 meters.