Crash with mini 2 after firmware update v1.04.0000

On 31.08.2022 I was flying a few days ago after the update and the drone lost contact with the satellites and just went crazy. As a result, it deviated from me and the battery ran out and fell into a swamp about 170-180 meters from me. Sometimes I had no control over him. I took it to the store where it was bought 2 months ago and they will send it for replacement. I wanted to use the guarantee, not the insurance. I’m not sure if they will respect my warranty and apply a flight record if there are specialists to review this record and explain to me if I can request a replacement warranty or if I have to use DJI insurance?


Here is another flight on the same route from 08.03.2022 for comparison. This flight was on v01.03.0000 before the update. You can see the difference in behavior after the update …


The store where I bought it and gave it now in exchange told me that DJI told them that the repair cost me 305 euros because it is not covered by the warranty because the drone hit and fell into the water. If I want I can use DJI Care, I will have to pay 95 euros and they will send me a new one. I don’t want to use DJI Care because the drone crashed due to a loss of GPS signal and it just went crazy and as a result it veered away from me and its battery ran out while I was trying to get it back, so it landed in an emergency. Please look at the flight records and tell me if this problem is not covered by the warranty or I agree with DJI Care? Thanks in advance.

Welcome Fil007. Looking at the crash file data there is no evidence of a collision of any sort, just a GPS problem that put the drone into ATTI mode, basically you are the pilot, with no assistance from the GPS system. In this case you have to fly very carefully. I would go over to Cine mode so the sticks have limited movement.
Contact “

Send them the data file and see what they say, give them the whole story.
Good luck

Hi cheddarman,
thank you for the advice. I sent to “” an email with a description of the case and records from this flight, as well as a record from a previous flight on the same route, where there were no problems. Now I am waiting for an answer.

Taking a look at the data, it does appear that you have some sort of GPS/IMU issue. You had an IMU position error throughout the entire flight. Also the very oddest thing is that as soon as you pressed the RTH button, the aircrafts home distance changed dramatically and immediately. ( See chart below )
This happened both times. It could be firmware, however I find that unlikely, although possible. 7000ft to 650ft is not possible in .2 seconds.

That’s right, you’re right. There are many inexplicable things, at least for me. This is the first time something like this has happened to me. Already during the flight several times the drone disobeyed the commands and lost contact. There are many gaps in this flight and times. I only saw this after the accident when I reviewed the flight data.