Controlling Mavic 3 Pro with RC Pro while using goggles 2

I have a Mavic 3 Pro, RC Pro controller & Goggles 2. I found that I can use the RC pro to control the Mavic 3 Pro while using the goggles 2 to view the flight. When doing this the screen on the RC Pro does not display the flight video. I can use a USB C connector to connect the Goggles 2 output to the RC pro and get flight video on the RC Pro and Goggles at the same time. When this is done it will not allow me to control the Mavic 3 Pro and says I must use the motion controller. Does anyone know of a way to use the RC Pro to control the Mavic 3 Pro and get flight video on both the goggles 2 and the RC pro controller at the same time? I’d love to be able to fly the Mavic 3 Pro using the RC Pro controller while allowing someone to wear the goggles and get the FPV experience.

I ask DJI technical support the same question.
The reply was, Can not use either of the Mavic 3 pro remotes to fly drone using either of DJI goggles.
It would be a (super cool to have the option) to fly with the remote controller or the motion controller or even both at the same time!
I bought Goggles DJI offered with my Phantom 4 V.2. They were a little large and heavy even uncomfortable, a top head strap would have helped considerably.Being a little uncomfortable was worth how much I enjoyed flying with goggles. Unbelievable how crisp and breathtaking the view is from goggles.
I wish DJI would offer more options like same firmware across same model drones and accessories.