Controllers/LAANC authorizations

Hi all. I’m a Prt 107 flier in the Chicago area.
Just lost my trusty P4P v2 a couple days ago. After almost 5 yrs good service. It lost GPS , then connection to controller. Very sad…

So now I am deciding if I want to replace the P4Pv2 or upgrade. Very very undecided on what direction I want to go.
I’ve always used an iPad as my tablet. Don’t want to tie up my phone & run the battery down & I prefer the large screen.
Doesn’t seem an easy solution for the Mavic 3. The base controller that I might be able to get a tablet holder for seems like a sub par controller.
The middle one has the built in screen and is light weight and from a number of reviews on YouTube many feel its preferable to the $1,200 Pro controller. But it also has its limitations on buttons & wheels for controlling Zoom and gimbal , etc.

Also it seems like neither the Remote or the Pro will allow 3rd party software. So you can’t use Litchi or other flight software. Nor can you (or can you???) upload authorizations or waivers directly from 3rd parties like Aloft.

So how do you Part 107 fliers work with this stuff?

What is the consensus here on the best controller to use. Rather not spend $1,200 more if I don’t need to - but if it will be harder to to the things I’m. used to without…
I am mostly a still shooter. But do need to do video for clients. I don’t do much editing yet, just provide the content.

I am sorry to hear your lost your bird. Just a friendly reminder, You have only 14-days to notify the FAA your drone is gone. GO to FAA Drone Zone…

Good Luck with your replacement!