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Controller will not link

I have this phantom 4 for almost 3 years and had no problem. I flew it today. When I got home it asked to update flysafe. I updated and then sitting in kitchen the lights started to indicate it lost connection with controller. I charged controller and battery back up. When I connected controller to iPad I got message that “this device will not work with DJI go 4. Check manual for correct app” or words to that effect. The app works fine as long as I don’t connect the controller. I tried to do it manually but pressing C1;C2; and record button but I hear no beeps even though it fully charged. I pressed the side button on the quad till started flashing and then tried the controller again. No luck

I verified quad had up to date firmware by using assist on computer. I do not have a place for a disc on the controller as some YouTube people describe

Can someone please help? I need to get flying again