constant controller beep

I live in Washington and it rains a lot. I has finally gotten nice weather and I wanted to fly my Mavic Air.
everything is fully charged turned everything on but controller wouldn’t recognize the aircraft. Did the push and hold on Aircraft to pair them that didn’t work, I thought OK I have to bite the bullet and download DJI’s latest firmware update. I did that on the aircraft using the DJI assistant on my windows 10 PC. download went really quick and said complete. Now to run the controller and get the note needs firmware update. Never happened. Aircraft on or off when I turn controller on it is an on off beep quickly about 4 beeps per second and is non stop. Only way to stop it is to power off.

Any help is very much appreciated in advance, thanks, Tom

Thanks very much I did pair them again and that did the trick. Im good to go again thank you all!

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I am sorry but I cannot directly help. However, if you do not get a quick response/answer, try going to the DJI Forum Web Site…

Click on Tips and Tutorials (Upper Left in the Banner Bar…), Software and Firmware (Drop Down Menu…) and PM “DJI Mindy” the administrator.

That’s all I’ve got, Good Luck!

I would repeat the new pairing process with the controller and aircraft, similar to when you first purchased it. Not sure what caused it to unpair but re-pairing should get it going again. Otherwise as mentioned above, post in the official DJI site for help.

I agree with RobZilla, to unpair,

With everything running turned on and connected. On the DJI Fly App Intro Screen (probable a beach screen), TAP the PROFILE Icon, TAP DEVICE MANAGEMENT, TAP Remove Device from Account…

It’s best to remove so you have a clean pairing…

If you are unsure of anything, go to YouTube and search for a video…