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Connecting to Mavic Mini Controller to PC

Lost my Mini in high winds inspecting a roof! I connect to my PC with the controller turned on and hear the familar chime but the device does not get acknowledged in the PC folder. Tried a couple different cables and no luck. Phone can’t be connected so, just the controller and turned on…right? Help, I need to download the flight data to try to locate it. thanks for your feedback.

Need some details…what version of Windows-- Win10, Win7, etc? Also did you install DJI Assistant 2 for Mavic? What phone and DJI app ver are you using?

You should be able to get some type of flight records off your mobile device and import it to a few flight analysis software to get an idea.

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Thanks for your help. Windows 10, Samsung S9. No I have not installed DJI Assistant 2 for Mavic. I will now. DJI Fly v.1.2.1.

If you’ve synced your flights in the app, you could try to hopefully view the flight record log.

Otherwise connect your phone then download the flight records and use flight log viewer here =>

Here’s an offline PC program to view your flight log too =>

Thanks I will it a try!