Connecting a second screen

I am wanting to connect a second screen to my P4 Pro v2. This is so a client can view at the same time and help direct the flight. I understand that I need to purchase the HDMI module. I am currently using an iPad mini as my main screen and would kind of like to use a std large iPad as the client screen. I this possible using an HDMI cable. What other connectors/software for the second screen.

I am also considering creating a portable wifi network and using a screen sharing app.

The whole thing needs to work in the field.


As far as I know, the HDMI Output Module is still not compatible with the P4P V2. I saw some talk over in the official DJI forum (some months ago) that they were going to make it compatible, but I haven’t seen anything new about it recently.

That’s likely going to be your best option with an Apple device.