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Collision Avoidance

Hello all,

I’m new here and new to drones. Please forgive the newbie question; especially if it’s already been answered.
I came across an interesting camera shot recently and I’m having a hard time getting it. It is a narrow walking path that I want to fly the length of. The problem is that collision avoidance interrupts a smooth flight path. Tripod mode helps, but sometimes Mavic refuses to go some places. I am in good visual control so I’m wondering if there is a way to disable collision avoidance just for special circumstances?

It’s not listed in the owners manual? I don’t have the Air, but the turning off CA is listed in the manual for the Mavic 2 series. If you don’t have the manual anymore, you can download a PDF copy from the DJI site.


I never found it in the manual. I’m a little disappointed with the manual. I did eventually find it in the app but I haven’t been able to try it yet. (Too windy).

Thanks for the reply.

I agree that the manuals are lacking. There are entire feature sets in DJI GO that are not documented.

Glad you found it!


There should be a setting in DJI Go4

You can fly it backwards, then reverse it and/or adjust the speed in post. That’s what the wedding guys do for safety. Might work for you too.