Hi … I’m getting conflicting info on changing Phantom 3 LiPo batteries. I want a new smart charger. Tower/Horizon and even two independent reviewers of two different charger brands say you can’t charge them with aftermarket chargers.
I’ve found many YouTube vids that say you can.
The truth is out there. Can you guys/gals help?

The Yx battery charger is a commonly used brand that’s known to work well. You can find some others here.

Msinger … thx, great sources, but not what I asked. I’d like a smart charger. Most have a LiHv setting and they should work; just not finding concrete confirmation. Zene

What’s the difference between a battery charger and a smart charger?

DJI only makes LiPo batteries. I’m not sure you want to attempt to use a LiHv setting with a LiPo battery. Some battery charger manufacturers say that could result in damage to the battery, fire, or explosion.

Why not user a battery charger designed for DJI batteries?