Care Refresh send in parts?

So I crashed our farm Mavic air 2 into a fence and the gimbal is broken, the camera hanging out like a popped out eyeball, very sad indeed.

Luckily we have care refresh.

So im following the instructions but I’m stumped at #3

  1. Send items back

Send back the defective products or parts within 7 calendar days after the case is submitted as required.

The gimbal/camera is the only defective part after the crash, am i supposed to disassemble the drone, remove the gimbal send it back get a new gimbal returned and reassemble myself?

Surely not.
I’m not a drone technician just a simple farmer?

Or have they just worded this badly and I am supposed to send the whole drone back to them.

If I send the whole lot in will they check everything or will they just put a new gimbal in and send it back. After the crash there could be other issues not obvious to me, the rear RHS prop leg feels a bit grindy when i extend or stow it, is this covered?

The props turn and it can take off but it obviously gives gimbal motor fault/stuck/overload


You should send the entire drone (without the battery) since that’s what you need to repaired/replaced. Don’t send it in the original box unless you don’t care if that’s returned.

In many cases, they send back a refurbished drone.

It’s not uncommon for the cable at the end of the arm to rub as the arm is opened and closed. This happens on all of my Mavic drones. Some are more noticeable/audible than others.