can't load maps into P4Pro+

I’m trying to cache maps of a distant location. The videos tell me to go into Settings and activate “cache maps in the background” but that does not appear on my settings page.

Marty Mullin

The P4P+ does not have that setting. You should be able to download the maps from here:

Mike, the maps I want to download is for Palm Springs, over a hundred miles East of where I am. The map it offers to download from is blank starting 20 miles East.

The situation with my maps has gotten worse. Now on my Go4 screen, the map screen is totally blank. On my go fly screen, when I hit the folded map, it gives me a screen that says select the region you want to down load, but this is blank. The list of maps shows 3 maps - 2 are paused, one shows 69.9 MB but is blank. What’s up with my map function?

Did you ever get your maps to come back? I totally lost my maps, did lots of searching and found a youtube that explained. They shared a APK file on a site which I downloaded. Took some jumping through hoops, but it ended up by updating the Go 4 app. I did lots of youtube searches and found the fix. If you can’t find the answer, email me and I’ll try to find the video. It worked for me. Jim