Cannot Reliably View Video Stream In Flight

Hello fellow droneheads,

Some backstory: A couple years ago my drone fell from the sky. It was determined it was a drone error and not operator error, so they replaced it with a refurb. Well after battling for that replacement with lovely DJI support for a couple of months, I just didn’t have a energy to battle again over the image cutting in and out and then going black for 10-20 seconds at time on the refurb. Just overall crappy video quality. So I put the drone on the shelf.

Fast-forward to now. I blew the dust off the drone, got it up in the air and yeah, same crappy video problem. I’ve watched some YouTube vids on this topic and some have suggested that I may want to go to a older firmware version. I’m currently at the latest version, or so DJI Go says (really? no firmware update in 1-2 years?). The version I’m showing for the drone is 1.11.20 and the controller is running with 1.9.2 on a Phantom 3 Pro.

My question: Does anyone know if rolling back the firmware is a fix? If so, how do I do that? Does anyone know of any other causes for the symptoms I’m having (and a fix?)