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Can Mavic Pro Platinum do waypoints?

I have NLD app and using old firmware on my platinum and when I try and save waypoints it fails. NLD says its because of firmware but from what I read platinum doesn’t support waypoints? Is there a particular firmware that supports waypoints or any way to do it. I read that someone says litchi, I have it but haven’t tried waypoints bc I figure would have same error as when using NLD app. Thanks

Hi barkster and welcome-

It has been a while since I’ve used Litchi due to what I’ve been doing,… lately it has been sufficient using the InTel Flight Modes inherit in DJIGo app (POI). But, I do have and used Litchi and way points was my main reason for using it. I have a MPP myself and was very satisfied with Litchi and would go so far as to highly recommend it. Especially now since, from what I understand, it works very well using G-Maps. So go for it!