Can I get one working drone from two crashed drones?

I attempted to get a working drone from two damaged DJI Phantom 3 Standards. I took the gimbal from a drone with a bent arm and replaced the non-working gimbal on another drone.

The controller that came with the drone with the working gimbal receives images but does not control the camera angle.

The controller that came with the drone with the intact body controls the camera angle but does not receive any images.

Do controllers have to be matched up with the body and gimbal that they came with?

Would a loose wire cause this?

Other ideas?

I haven’t tried to fly yet. Maybe the snow will stop tomorrow and I can give it a try.

The problem was that the controller was no longer linked to the drone. If you saw the Bing Bang Theory episode where they were trying to fix a drone, that is about what I was doing.

Turn on the drone and push the link button (after you find it).

Turn on the controller and put the gimbal angle all the way down.

Toggle switch S2 “several” times until the controller beeps.

When the link button turns green, it is linked.

It only took three tries.

OP probably needs a new ribbon cable. They are easily damaged.