Camera works (shows pictures) but will not gimbal after crash when drone is powered on,

On ground, camera only looks at picture of concrete it is sitting on.
Yaw arm is not broken
Set screw between motor and camera tight; can gimble by turning motor manually with finger.
Ant wires and ribbon wire connected and tight.
With props running, lights flashing green, shows GPS Ready to fly but camera does not gimble
Flys good otherwise except for camera gimbal problem.
No response to gimbal calibration. HELP PLEASE!!

I think I have kind of the same dilemma.

Crashed my Mavic 3 on the second day of using it. Flew right in to a wall.
Now to my problem.
After the crash I replaced all the propps since they where damaged.
Put the drone on kitchen floor and tried to tilt the camera with the left scroll wheel. Everything seemed to be working fine.

Then I decided to clean of a couple of scuff marks and remove some plastic tape from the camera/gimble. After that I get a gimble error “Gimble stuck”. Was I a little bit rough removing the plastic safety film ?
The gimble moves easy when I move it around with my hand.

Ar there any crash protection componet I can look at ?
Camera calibration just fails.