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Camera Problems

Hi Everyone,
Recently I sent my spark drone to be fixed because a while back I had accidentally crashed it and the camera stopped working properly. The place I sent it which is an authorized DJI Repair shop said that the camera and gimbal needed to be replaced. So I just got it back from them and the camera on the gimbal doesn’t look straight ahead its tilted down a little. I tried to use the wheel on the left of the RC to bring the camera up to the standard straight ahead position but it can only go up so far and stops. I can make the camera tilt down all the way but not up all the way to look ahead. Obviously this is a problem. I noticed that when the drone was off I could tilt the camera by hand to the straight ahead position but when I turn the drone on again it goes back to the slightly tilted down position.

Is there some way to re-calibrate the gimbal to make this work properly, or was the camera and gimbal repaired incorrectly?

Call the place that repaired it and tell them the problem. If it was ok before I would think they would align the new system.