CAMERA.filename is always empty


I have a lot of flight log files. However, even CAMERA.isVideo column is True, CAMERA.filename is always empty. What may be problem ? I can provide example log files if you may.

Here the web site that used to decyrpt log files:

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The software you’re using to generate those log files (e.g. DJI Fly) is not recording data in that field.

@msinger The software is dji pilot 2. Which softwares do record filename data ?

I’ve only seen that data logged in Map Pilot flight logs.

@msinger is there any way to overlay flight log and video without usin CAMERA.filename column. However, assume I record many seperate video in a flight and all videos is not supposed to be together every time.

I don’t have experience doing that, but I know some are using applications like DJI Telemetry Overlay for that purpose.