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Camera angle and stick connected :o

Hi everyone,

I own a Mavic Air which I bought used last year. Since the start I got some weird problems that the aircraft started yawing when I tilt the camera up or down. At first it did this only occasionally, so I didn’t pay so much attention to it. But lately this is has really gotten worse, to a point where I am not able to use camera tilt at all…

I looked into the Go 4 app and tried to re calibrate the controller several times. However this does not change the fact that once I turn the camera wheel, the app shows stick input on the right stick (yaw as I use mode 3). I also tried to downgrade (and upgrade again) the firmware of the controller, which didn’t help at all. Factory reset and reflashed MA firmware as well, although I am pretty sure the issue is not one with the MA (in fact I see issue with only controller turned on and MA off as well). Also re-calibrated everything you can calibrate haha.

Has anyone here experienced something similar and was maybe able to fix it? I think there was also a thread somewhere in the DJI Forum about the same issue, but I’m not able to find this right now.

Hoped that this is a software error which could be fixed by firmware reflash or something, but beginning to doubt it. I’m also beginning to think that the guy who sold me the MA wanted to get rid of it because of this issue, which kind of bugs me :smiley:

I would really appreciate if someone here had any idea or suggestions,

fly safe guys!