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Broken Gimbal

Hi all
Please I need help here phantom 3 standard.

A few months ago salt water splashed onto my gimbal and my gimbal no longer works.

I am now always having trouble picking up satellite reception as it always drops in and out and I am always getting weak image transmission signal.

Do you need the gimbal 2 calibrate the compass ?
Do you need the gimbal to also pick up satellite reception?

I bought my Phantom 3 standard basically just for fishing not for photography so I am not too fussed about taking photos

If the gimbal is not the problem what may the problem be
Thank you everybody for your help much appreciated

Are the connectors on top of the gimbal damaged and/or corroded? If so, that could explain your image transmission issues.

Hello msinger

No they are in good condition. The whole gimbal doesn’t work due to salt water splashing onto it.

I think my main problem is that my RC always disconnects from the drone and I lose GPS signal straight away, I have tried linking the RC again but doesn’t make a difference, and even though I just downloaded a fresh copy of the DJI App I can’t do a firmware update because I’m getting gimbal error messages in red on the screen.

I think this is the problem? Do you know anything I can try do to get around this. I’m not fussed if I can’t take videos but I need the DJI App to work while flying

Thank you for your help

You won’t be able to update the firmware if the gimbal doesn’t work. It sounds like you’ll need to replace your gimbal.