Bricked DJI Phantom 3 Professional

I was looking to buy a DJI Phantom 3 Pro drone and I found one that someone has listed for $150. He says everything works mechanically but there is a software issue. This is what he told me:

“Everything works mechanically. I went to update the software because the camera would not connect. it had never been updated so when I ran the update it was too big of a leap in software and it froze the software. DJI or someone who know more about these things can unfreeze it. I don’t have the time and already bought a new one.”

Would I be able to fix this issue in any way possible if I bought the drone?

To me that is between a rock and a hard place. That issue could be any number of things, from a bad gimbal board to who knows where. I would say refrain from this, however at worst case you may have functional parts that could balance your spending. And it could also very well be a Firmware issue. Either way it is a flip of the coin, in this scenario.

Ok! Thanks for the response

Not sure how long ago this post was made Aug 18 could be 2 months ago or years.

Anyway I wouldn’t buy it for 5 bucks unless your going to use it for parts. DJI has no service

In fact I have a Phantom 3 Pro with a camera issue since last update to 1.11.20 and have found in the past 3 weeks dozens of camera issues after update on many forums, with no solutions. I would not even buy a DJI at this point.