bought an old ipad air 1

Probably in the wrong category but here goes

I was using my granddaughters iphone 6plus to run DJI FLY (I have a Mavic Mini 1)

My wife’s old phone packed in so she had the 6plus off me and I set about finding a cheap tablet to use with my mini. I had seen that a number of people had success using the Amazon Fire HD8 so I bought one off eBay (8th Gen) but couldn’t get DJI FLY to install on it (using the DJI APK file off DJI website) sideloading, so luckily for me the HD8 had been listed as 10th Gen so I returned it for a refund.
I then bought a virtually brand new 10th Gen HD8 off eBay, same problem. I listed that on eBay, it sold almost instantly so then I bit the bullet and bought a mint condition iPad Air 1 off eBay.
It was cheaper than the 10th Gen HD8 and it runs DJI FLY with no problems, bigger screen (for my old eyes) all is good in da hood. It is the lowly 16gb Wi-Fi only version but I only want it to run DJI FLY as a dedicated tablet.
Apologies for the long tale but if you just want to run DJI FLY using a cheap(ish) tablet then this is the way to go

Thanks for sharing!

How does it do in brighter light outside?

I too have older eyes and vision problems…

I find using my phone I have to stand in shadows of trees or buildings to have any chance at all.


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I live in the South Wales Valleys, what is bright light/sunlight ???
Since I’ve had it, the weather has been pretty bad but it seems a pretty bright image, perhaps I might get an anti glare screen cover for it I will have to wait and see.
I have no light perception in my right eye, the optic nerve is dead and my left eye isn’t brilliant either, i will report back if there’s problems (assuming we ever get bright enough light to hamper me
Good luck

If you use an iPad or tablet you will need a holder for it as well as an extended cable. The holder will allow you to angle the tablet to reduce glare whilst keeping the controller in a position that is comfortable to use
Here’s the one I bought off Aliexpress, it was £8.61 including postage, took about 15 days to arrive. It’s made of plastic but not flimsy and holds the iPad firmly
I also attached an old camera strap to it to support it around my neck so I didn’t have to grip it for too long (another benefit of being an old git, all the associated problems that arrive !!)
Good Luck

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Good to hear the 1st gen iPad Air works! I have an iPad Air 3rd gen and agree works great and nice to have a bigger screen.

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