Blue Proton ARGtek

Hi, I have installed the above range extender on my PS3 and am asking what do I have to install in the drone to make it work? Saw a mention of a web site to look at? Thanks for any help. Frank

Hi - You’ve added an aftermarket antenna system to the controller. You don’t have to do anything to the drone to “make it work.” Adding additional antennas to the drone, commonly referred to as “bird-side antennas,” is completely optional and not required. Good luck.

I am getting less distance with the new set up

I was never an Argtek fan. I don’t think the antennas are very well made. You do have somewhat of an advantage with them since they may be making your antenna’s signal more focused - more directional. But personally, I’d have installed the ITELITE DBS antenna. And you still can. It is a significantly better antenna than the Argtek.

Are you sure you’re aiming the antennas/controller correctly? Are you flying in a way to maximize distance (out, not up)?

Are you sure you did the install perfectly? There’s no such thing as “good enough” in an antenna install. It has to be either perfect or better than perfect.