Blinking red tail light

The tail light front nu DJI Mini 2 keeps blinking red, and there is no connection with the controller. How can this problem be solved? Thans in advance for feedback.

My mini 2 flash red I low light conditions, and you my need to pair the controller and drone
Good luck

Thanks Bandit1. I will try and hope this will solve the error.

Evrything works perfect! I think the low light conditions was the bottleneck. Thanks again!

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Looks like you did not have or did not read the Mini 2 User manual…

Below is the link to all of the downloads offered by DJI for the Mini 2. You will also find the 75-page Mini 2 User’s Manual, in case your Mini did not come with one. The User Manuals are published in different languages.

Good Luck and You are Welcome…