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Best Strobe Light Solution!

Hi Folks.
I’m a Mavic 2 Zoom user.
I wanted strobe lights to be able to spot the drone easier during the day.

Lume cube is only good to put above for other Aircraft to see.

I tried Stroben, it was not good enough.

I tried 4 Firehouse latest 4 cre LED with their mounts, I was “terribly” disappointed.

Finely I tried Topsun 5 cre LED’s and man oh man was I blown away. it was better from everything out there!

This video I sent to Firehouse which they call a knockoff. Well to me, it’s not even close.

Decided on the Topsun I had one issue… mounts. nobody had mounts for them. So Mike printed me brand new mounts for the Topsun to fit on my Mavic 2 Zoom. I placed to red on the back arm. 2 Green on the front arm, and 2 blue on the side under the battery using Velcro only.

image (1) image

I tested them all!

Here are some links RAW unedited.

Test 1

Shot with my iPhone Xs 1080P (Its in Yiddish)

The firehouse was on all 4 sides with The supplied firehouse mounts.

In back left arm you can also see one white Stroben light with one of Mike’s mounts he made for Stroben You can see its way more visible compared to the firehouse.

On one side I had the red Topsun with valcro

When the drone was 400 feet up and 1200 feet away every one was able to spot the drone from that one red topsun light! I flew the drone sideways so the light was pointing to us.

I bought the Stroben red and green too, but it was not as strong as the Stroben white.

I returned all firehouse lights, and the red green Stroben light. And ordered more Topsun lights.


Test 2

Using Topsun on all 4 arms using Mike’s new mounts. plus one blue led one side.
I was able to see does Topsun lights during day light with the naked eyes as far as 1000 (Thousand) feet away at 300 feet up. Not just me but all my backyard neighbors kids as well.

I shot this video with my iPhone Xs when it was a couple hundred feet away.

See the link.


Test 3

Today I went out flying with all 6 Topsun lights in a VERY sunny day.
Shot with a Sony RX100V 1080P It was so bright outside, I had trouble seeing the feed on my 1000 nit smart controller so I connected via HDMI to my new 7" over 2000 nit ultra bright Andycine monitor.

If you want the best lights, get the Topsun (find it on amazon)
Buy from Mike mounts and you will be all set!

The front 2 arm mounts can fold up with the drone. The back 2 arm mounts, you will have to remove every time. no issue at all.

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