Battery problems on P4P+

I keep reading about P4P+s that fall from the sky due to batteries coming out, not being fully inserted, or loosing voltage. My P4P+ just crashed. About 5 minutes into the flight it told me “low voltage, return home” on a fresh battery. Within one minute it crashed. DJI is replacing it. That tells me they think it was their fault, and they are doing the right thing.
But how can I prevent it from happening again? All my batteries are DJI and as new as the ship. I am generally pretty careful about fully inserting them. Maybe tape them in?
Any advice?

This has occurred with all of the P4 models more than one would like to see. However, that said, there is really no definitive evidence of the “exact” cause. Most of us can only speculate per the data that has been looked at on numerous occasions. I still have yet to see this occur with the V2. Not that it hasn’t happened, I personally just have not seen any data in relation to those. There is really nothing you can do, other than to ensure your battery is fully seated on every flight. Taping them in is just a “patch” for peace of mind. If the exact cause is unrelated to the battery latch, it could still fail in flight. This is just something that is beyond your control, unless of coarse, the latch system is indeed the issue.

It’s important to ensure the battery is snapped into place on both the top and bottom. Here’s a video showing a method that should ensure the top and bottom are fully inserted:

The battery should not be able to dislodge if it's properly inserted.