Battery Maintenance

Hi.On the subject of batteries after a lot of help and good advice the consensus of the topic concluded that one should only charge your batteries the day before you fly and to make sure you fly those batteries in 12-24 hrs.And if by any chance you can’t fly in that time frame just leave the batteries to discharge till 60%.So the bottom line is that you never keep batteries fully charged.Don’t store batteries below 30% for long periods.Don’t keep on pressing the button.And charge the day before and fly within 12-24 hrs.Have I got this correct?Feel free to add more advice.Thanks.

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That’s good sound advice. DJI has settings for you to auto discharge batteries to storage voltage after so many days of 1-10. Although, in some of the newer DJI drones (I currently have a Mavic Pro) I’ve read that they have eliminated the choice of how many days and has set it to a 10-day discharge to storage. That would suggest 10 days at full charge is okay. How do others feel about that?

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Yep! I have some more details here:

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That setting always defaults to 10 days. For drones that don’t display that setting in DJI GO, 10 days is the only choice.

10 days is fine. However, you don’t want to constantly be charging up your batteries and allowing them to sit fully charged for 10 days. If it happens a few times, it’s not going to hurt them over the long run.

That’s my thoughts on the matter, too. I set it to 3 days on my Mavic Pro, but don’t charge up again when I get back to the studio unless I have another shoot the next day.

What about the theory of discharging all the way down to 8% charge whenever the battery has had an additional 20+ charges on it to reform the maximum capacity of the battery?

While I don’t think that will hurt the batteries, I’ve never seen evidence that it benefits DJI batteries in any way.

If this is a general DJI battery thread, I’d like to add that the original P2 intelligent batteries do not auto-discharge. If you charge them and let them sit, they will swell up like balloons. :grinning:

I can attest to the fact that it ain’t a good idea to keep them charged…
Had what was a perfectly good battery blow up ie. bloat - not catch fire…

My practice used to be like it is for most of my other electronics, and put it on charge while I sleep kinda thing… phone, ipads et al… then this happens… so I have been leaving them to run down and if I definitely have a shoot tomorrow I will charge them up tonight…

Just be aware that the batteries lose some small charge every day, before they start going into storage mode after 10 days. You may have to manually discharge them below 97% to be able to top them off to 100% for maximum flight time, as otherwise, they cannot be not topped off, like earlier batteries when between 97 and 99%.

Hi.So when your countdown timer has began what will be happening to that battery in flight?Will it also be loosing it’s charge while flying?

No. The battery will stop counting down or discharging as soon as you press the battery button.


Thanks Mike.Can you charge the controller while using the simulator? I bought a OCDAY 3 battery docking station that gets its charge from the DJI charger.When you charge just one battery with only the DJI charger the lights go out on the battery indicating that the charge is complete.When you put one or three batteries into the dock none of the lights on the batteries go out even when fully charged???

I see this subject is split What does that mean?


I’ve never used that charger. Maybe that’s how it’s designed to work?

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Well they say this 3 battery doc is supposed to charge the lowest battery 1st.and so forth dumping the load to the next one until all 3 are charged.But there is no way of knowing this unless you take the batt. out of the dock and switch the batt. on.