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Battery care

hi everyone…just joined the site today…will have a navigate and nosey around in the next few days to familiarise using the forum…

I have a quick question on the phantom 3 battery…i picked up a second hand one last week…unfortunately I have been called away with work to the new year 2021 and won’t get to use it…

What do I do with the batterys…do I drain them and store away or charge them up abit and store them away till i get back and am able to use it again…

Follow the tips in this guide:

I read that but didn’t mention about long periods not being used like in my situation 3 or 4 months

Does the battery have to be in the drone for it to discharge?

See the “When not using your batteries, maintain the charge level like this” tip at the bottom. That information applies to storing batteries for any extended period of time too.