Batteries of the MAVIC, where to keep them. It affects having them in a safe?

Good morning everyone. Found this wonderful place to know a little more about this world of drones. In one of the guides that I found in this forum, I read that batteries should not be stored in a place that contains iron, so maybe magnetism ??? I always had them in a fireproof bag, but a couple of weeks ago, for safety, I put the fireproof bag with 3 batteries, inside a small safe, about 45 cm wide and 25 deep and high. Can affect the iron plates to the batteries ?? Regards

I’ve never heard of such a thing. Got a link?

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I took it out of this forum yesterday. I am Spanish, and I translate it all by googletranslator, I have it now in Spanish. I will try to find it in the forum and I will send it to you.

Store the battery in a specified transportation box/bag before the transit to avoid damage from external forces. Do not store a battery with metal components.

Storing a battery along with metal components will not harm it. The article doesn’t explain why that was stated, but I can only assume it is for these reasons:

  1. You don’t want any metal components to come in contact with the battery terminals

  2. If a battery is stored with heavy metal objects, it could become damaged if those objects bump into the battery and dent/puncture it


It is understood. Precisely I have a box of bullets, hermetic, where I keep batteries of racing drones and in the fireproof I have those of the MAVIC. I put everything in a small safe and when I read that, I took out the MAVIC. I put them back. Thank you.