Batteries Hub - problem

I have problem which is if im loading my batteries and it almost hit 100% and i have 4 LED diods and they are blinking but they never cant be 4 diods permanent what means its 100%. When i put out cabel and put in again they show 4 leds permanent. Is it problem with hub?

I cannot answer your question, but here is a link to the Hub’s User Manual. If the answer is not in there, try contacting DJI Support directly and include photos and/or videos to support your question.

This video shows how the lights normally illuminate when charging. Can you post a video showing what you see instead?

I am sorry, I do not mean to insult you but is English your first language. If you are not in the USA and your native tongue is not English, please post in your native language and I will use Google Translate. If English is your native tongue, are you typing up the note so fast and not proof reading what you are writing that it is extremely difficult to understand.

I am having a really difficult time following what you have written.

When you write, “loading my batteries”, do you mean “charging” your batteries?

When you wrote, “i have 4 LED diods and they are blinking but they never cant be 4 diods permanent what means its 100%” I have no idea what you mean…

So, I will try to make this as simple as possible. DJI Batteries and the Hub are “Smart” they work based on specific situations…

When your batteries are in the Hub and you press the button, one light means the battery has up to 25% power, two lights mean the battery has up to 50% power, three lights mean that the battery has up to 75% power, and four lights mean the battery is fully charged at 100%.

DJI set up the Hub to charge the battery with the most power first. The rational is that charging the most charged battery first will get you flying again the soonest.

When you are charging your batteries and one battery’s lights are blinking, that battery is being charged, when that battery is fully charged, all four lights stay on and the hub starts charging the next strongest battery.

Again while the Hub is charging that battery, the charged battery’s lights (all four of them) stay on.

The weakest battery’s lights will remain on (even if there is only one, two, or three) while the second battery is being charged.

When the second battery is fully charged, its four lights will also remain on and the third battery’s lights will start blinking as it is being charged.

When all three batteries are fully charged, the lights for all three batteries will remain on. After you unplug the Hub, the lights will turn off in a moment or two.

After the lights have gone out and you again plug the batteries in, the lights will again light up, indicating the level of charge and if none are blinking, all three batteries are fully charged.

Later, after you have unplugged the Hub, if you press the button on the side of the Hub, all the lights will again light up, indicating the level of charge. If it has been a while since you charged the batteries, the charge level will have dropped some and maybe only three or fewer lights will light up, indicating that the batteries have discharge somewhat…

This less than fully charge light indication may also cause on of the lights to blink even though the Hub is not being charged, it means that the charge level is just at the “fringe level” of 25%, 50%, or 75%… (just about or just over…) Again, this is not a problem…

Additionally, the Hub is designed to slowly discharge the batteries as Li-Po batteries do not like remaining fully charged and it is not good for them.

Now, if you still have questions, you need to re-watch the YouTube videos and watch them again and again. And if your Hub and or batteries are doing something other than what the I written and the videos show, then I have already given you the link to DJI Support and you need to contact them…

Yes, that’s what the video I shared above shows. It sounds like the OP is saying this part (“all four lights stay on”) is not occurring.

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I dont know if that video is enough. I started from around 65%-70% charging and hold it like 40mins and it still charge to moment when i take out cable. When i put battery in drone it will show 100% but when i again start charge it will still go.

What happens if you allow it to charge longer – like for another 30 minutes after it’s at 100%? Do the lights continue to flash like it’s still charging?

And if the lights continue to flash, what happens if you move the battery to the 2nd charging slot?

What is the other end of that cable plugged into?

i charged like 25-30 mins more and still charging ( is it possible to overload battery and i dont remeber but battery is cold even if its charge long time). When i switch slots still charging. When i put in second battery with around 65% hub is charging that first battery with bigger state of charge. I have original charging cube from DJI.

No, it will stop charging when full.

When you have more than one battery inserted into the charging hub, does it ever try to charge the other batteries? Or does it try to charge the same battery forever – no matter how long you allow it to charge?

It tries charge the battery with higher battery state, no matter how long it was charged

It sounds like you might have a defective hub. Try reaching out to DJI support for help.

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Thanks for your help :slight_smile: