avata in concrete house

I have a question about the DJI Avata. We would like to fly around our house with the drone, but because our house is made of concrete, this is very difficult and we keep losing the connection. I was wondering if there is a possibility, for example, to connect the drone to our existing WiFi network so that the drone and the controller connect through the WiFi access points in the house. is this possible? Or is there another solution?

That is definitely not possible with an Avata.

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If all you want to do is fly around the house for fun, I would recommend you find a more central location where there are fewer walls to block the signal, verses piloting it from a far corner of the structure. And whatever you do, don’t knock over the Vase that Aunt Dorothy gave you… L :smile: L . . .

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Are there other models that can do this?

DJI does not make any drones that can connect to existing Wi-Fi networks. I’m not sure about other drone manufacturers.