Avata 2/Goggles 3 Audience mode

I recently purchased a 2nd Goggles 3 to try out Audience mode with the Avata 2. In my limited experience the Audience mode on the Goggles 3 is much less susceptible to the pixelation problem seen with the Goggles V2. It seems that setting the primary goggles video link bandwidth to 40 mHz significantly reduces the pixelation seen in the audience Goggles 3. I’m hoping to explore this more.

However, the Audience Goggles 3 will crash when the pixelation starts to occur. Screen goes black and the video recording terminates. Here’s a YouTube
I’m telling DJI that if I’m not convinced this will be fixed then I will return the Goggles 3 and, possibly, re-purchase when it is fixed.