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Automating import

If I understand the workflow correctly, it appears that the only way to get the txt file in is to drag and drop it in the Flight Reader application window.

I have configured my Smart Controller to upoad everything in the log directory to a shared directory on the workstation I run Flight Reader on, so, I am wondering - can I automate this so I do not have to drag the files to the app?

You can also drop the TXT files in this location while Flight Reader is running:


Ok, that’s great! I thought I had tried that and did not see anything happen. Will test again as it was probably user error. As I think about it, I may have not been dropping the file into the root of that directory. This is in theory exactly what I was hoping Flight Reader does. Thanks again!!

As soon as you drop the files, you should see the processing message appear at the bottom of the main Flight Reader window.


Spot on. Thank you. This is exactly what I was hoping for and now am well automated. Before I even get back home my flight logs are synched to my workstation at home. This is AWESOME!

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