Auto white balance sensor osmo 4

If I cover the (DJI Action 4) white balance sensor, the camera still operates auto white balance ok. So what exactly is the function of the sensor on the front?
Andy one know?

Here’s what the Osmo Action 4 FAQ states:

“The color temperature sensor of Osmo Action 4 is built into the letter “O” of the logo on the front of the camera. Do not cover it during use. With the color temperature sensor, Osmo Action 4 delivers outstanding color temperature performance even in scenarios with complex lighting, such as diving. The sensor corrects color temperature when filming underwater and reduces color temperature flicker due to the change of shooting angle. It can also detect and reduce light flickering more accurately.”

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Thank you
what adverse effect may occur if the sensor is covered?
If i the sensor, the camera still seems to white balance ok? at least on a quick test.
The camera can still display a scene colour temperature ok with the sensor covered.

I may fit a supplementary lens that would cover the sensor, that why I’m asking.

I don’t own one, so I cannot speak from experience. But, it sounds like none from the testing you did if shooting in normal lighting conditions.