attitude indicator

I will rejoice in repentance . I got caught up in an attitude indicator
I saw a lot of videos, it did not help me solve the problem I am using.
dji spark. The white triangle and the letter n simply do not move, fixed. Also, the red arrow
Does not show the direction of the skimmer. What am I doing wrong? I perform compass calibration before each flight and admit it’s ok.
The only thing I can add is, I only use wifi (tablet). Without internet.
Does it affect? I do not know. I will rejoice in repentance . SOS.
I will also be happy to reply to my email:

The N symbol should always move when rotating your mobile device.

This thread in the DJI forum shows an issue where the N symbol stops moving after the drone established a good GPS signal. If that’s what’s happening to you and you’re also using an Apple device, then try enabling this Compass Calibration setting.