Are you Remote ID ready?

(content originally from an FAA email)

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Are You Remote ID Ready?

Beginning September 16, 2023, all drone pilots required to register their drone must operate under the Remote Identification (ID) rule by operating:

  1. A Standard Remote ID Drone – a drone produced with built-in Remote ID broadcast capabilities; or
  2. A Drone with a Remote ID Broadcast Module – a device with Remote ID broadcast capabilities that can be attached to a drone; or
  3. At an FAA-Recognized Identification Area (FRIA) – areas where drones without Remote ID broadcast capabilities can operate. Only FAA-recognized community based organizations and educational institutions may request a FRIA through FAADroneZone.

Is Your Drone or Broadcast Module Remote ID Ready?

  1. Go to the FAA UAS Declaration of Compliance website
  2. Click on “View Public DOC List”
  3. Filter by “RID”
  4. Search for your drone or broadcast module

If your drone or broadcast module is NOT listed, you may only fly in a FRIA.

Is Your Drone Registration Remote ID Ready?

If your drone or broadcast module is listed on the Public DOC List, you need to register or update your existing drone registration through FAADroneZone to include the Standard Remote ID drone or Remote ID broadcast module serial number.

Recreational pilots may register once and apply that unique registration number to multiple aircraft. This allows a recreational pilot to move a Remote ID broadcast module from drone to drone as long as it is listed on the same registration.

Part 107 pilots need to register each Standard Remote ID drone or Remote ID broadcast module separately, which means each one will get a unique registration number.

Visit our Remote ID webpage to learn more about drone registration.

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Thanks for the bad news, something I really was trying ignore. :roll_eyes: :ok_hand:

Rod …

I’m clad i live in the UK feel sorry for you guys. But if you want to fly be safe and comply this will catch the idiots who go against the rules