Apple Ipad 4 go and go 4 not installing?

Can any one help
not used the drone in a year and thought i would buy a ipad to go with the drone to get some flight time in and then do a course

i got a ipad 4 of ebay and when i just went to install the apps, it says not compatible?

model is MD523TY/A

You need an iPad that has at least an A8 processor. The MD523TY/A has an A6X processor. You can find a list of compatible iPads here.

8 year old iPads are not going to work with processor intensive applications like current flight apps.

Would be nice for them to update their list. One page says can work with mini 2,3,4 that are older

How about iPad 5,6,7

A simple A8 or above would help on any listings

If “them” is the very website you are posting to, your question has already been generously answered by the host and myself. Restrictions on the installation by Apple or DJI are independent of the ability of the hardware to support older GO 4 versions that support older aircraft. Older, already installed versions of GO 4 on ancient tablets still work just fine to control the older aircraft they were designed for, so the list is still accurate, even if not to your liking.