Apparently I have two additional Phantom 3 batteries

Not going to be earth shattering I’m sure but Airdata credits me with two P3 batteries I don’t have.
I have four P3 batteries in total but Airdata says I have six (an additional two but I’m not sure where I have them though).
I can correlate the four serial numbers I do have between Airdata and DJI Go but these extra two no idea where they came from.
The possibility I haven’t check out is that some of the batteries were originally assigned to my P3P and when it decided to chew a tree the only option was to purchase a P3A and all batteries currently assigned to that,
So not the end of the world but somebody may be able to satisfy the curiosity.

IF this is the same situation that happened to me…

I noticed extra batteries in Airdata too. I cant recall the specifics. But I think there were blank serial #s or something, which Airdata treated as a new battery so it added it. Here is the response I got from Airdata support (dated Dec’17):

Thanks for the note.

Your flights flown with DJI GO iOS versions between 4.1.10 and 4.1.17 will be associated with a Default battery, as these versions do not report the serial number properly. The “Default Battery” in your account is your default battery that has no battery serial number on record, which means, all flights which don’t report serial number will be automatically assigned to this battery. In order to fix your previous flights, you would need to manually go in and reassign the flights from the Default Battery to the correct battery, assuming you remember which battery was used for each flight.

The Default battery will get created/updated every time there’s a log file without the battery serial number in it. This is normal, and you can simply keep the Default Battery around for that reason. The Default Battery is not counted against your quota, and you can use it as a bucket for these flights, so you know to later go back and resolve it manually.

For more information regarding the default batteries, please see the following FAQ:

Also you can add batteries manually for your Drone by using the “Add Battery” link, at the bottom-left of the Batteries page. Once you add the battery, you can then go to the Flight->General->Details screen and choose the correct battery for the flight.

Alternatively, we are working on a new technology that would assist in recognizing the battery serial number even when it’s not reported correctly. Please stay tuned.

Great DeputyDawg at least it wasn’t me. Strange reasoning but in terms of flying not an issue. Actually only reason I noticed was both P3 & P4 battery numbers increased in Airdata.
Thanks for response mate and makes sense.

No Problem

What I forgot to mention (not sure in the link provided) but you can merge batteries. So say you have one that is showing unknown etc and you know for sure which battery it belongs to - you can “merge” it with a known battery. Now that unknown becomes known.

that could get really confusing i reckon. I guess i put it all down to smart batteries being smarter than the flyer :crazy_face: