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Any 128GB SD Card recommendations?

Any recommendations for a 128GB Micro SD card. I assume with the increased data sizes especially for the Pro we will need a hi quality fast card.

The Mavic 2 is able to write data at a max of 100 Mbps, so you’ll need a memory card that is able to consistently write data at 12.5+ MB/s.

Here are some memory cards that’ll work:

Why in heavens name would you use a 128gb card, unless you are just lazy and don’t download your videos after flying… :slight_smile: (please note the smiley face… )

you will never fill it up and if you do store on it and it goes belly up you are out a whole lot of your work…

they are way more expensive… My practice is to use 32gb cards and change them in-between flights… that way, if god forbid my bird decides to go for a joy ride, I haven’t lost the previous flight (work)

But… to each his own…

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I use the Samsung Evo Select that msinger mentioned and it works very well (

Yeah, I like the EVO cards also and have a lot of them… but in 16gb and 32gb… with one 64gb… would never buy a 128, for reasons listed above…

Thanks all. I ordered the EVO Select U3
Thanks for all the input

One reason to get a 128MB card even if the amount of memory is overkill is the manufactures seem to (if their listed specs are to be believed) put faster tech into the larger memory cards. That’s the case with the Sandisk Extreme Pro card mentioned in this thread.
I already had that Sandisk card and wanting a second card so thought I would try one of the Samsung Evo Selects mentioned here. I just got it and am pleased with the speed of it. Compared to the Sandisk card it’s on par for read speed (90MB/s) but surpasses the Sandisk in real world write speed at 84 MB/s vs 70MB/s. I plan to do a lot of multi-shot panorama images with my drone (just got my first one) and the quicker it can write RAW files to the card the better.

Good to hear! That Samsung memory card is a great deal too when compared to the prices of other commonly used memory cards (like the SanDisk memory cards).

Thanks for the thread guys.