Another Spark flyaway - any help much appreciated!

Hi Guys,

Yep, another instance of a Spark flyway and after reading so much about them i’ve now found myself on the wrong end.

Uploaded the log here:

Any light you can shed on where it may have ended up will be greatly appreciated. Already had a good scout of the fields and no luck so far. Just my luck if it landed in that river!

This was not a “true” fly away. Those are quite rare. You did appear to have a compass issue and the aircraft auto switched to ATTI while very close to you. Assuming that the last position is accurate ( Which I have doubts on since the aircraft was in ATTI mode at signal loss ), then the aircraft should have auto landed in or about the yellow polygon below. Your altitude was only 27 feet at the time. You could also look in the tree lines by the river. If the aircraft made it that far it could be in a tree by the river.

Thank you very much for looking into it! Really appreciate it. I’ll have a search when I’m next in the area.